The fight isn’t over!!

Without clean water and food, people will die due to food shortages from COVID.  In addition, Guatemala was hit by 2 Tropical storm in 2020 after the pandemic causing even more devastation.



Food bags: $10

Each food bag includes:

  • 1 bottle cooking oil,

  • 2 bags of rice, 2 bags of black beans, 1 bag Corn flour

  • 1 bag pasta

  • 1 bag oats

  • 2 bags of sugar

  • Seasoning

  • Sauces, soups & milk

Delivered to villages in the most need

The Green Light Project:

Delivered to those working on the streets in Guatemala City.

Grocery Sponsorship for families: Starting at $40

$10 per individual


Provided food security to a family  for an entire month.

We ensure to not only give staple foods, such as flour and Rice, but to add nutritious and healthy food to each family

We have a personal connection with the families you will sponsor and we also want you to as well.

Feeding Center:

$120 Weekly

$240 Bi Weekly

$480 Monthly

Over 300 children are feed weekly.

Rice, beans and vegetables are provided.


Special Programs: If specific request are make for the feeding from a donor, we will prepare the requested items. Note: Additional funding may be required

  • Almost half the population in Guatemala cannot afford basic food.

  • 2/3 of the population live on less than US $2.00 a day.

  • 80% of indigenous people experience deprivation in food, health care and education

  • In 2019, 15,00 cases of acute malnutrition in children were reported. and those numbers have increased significantly since then due to COVID .