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The fight isn’t over!!


The number of acute malnutrition in children is growing significantly. It is heart breaking. Almost half the population in Guatemala cannot afford basic food. At least 2/3 of the population lives on less than $2 US dollars a day. A staggering 80% of indigenous people experience deprivation in food, health care and education. We are making a difference every day in Guatemala with your partnership. Every single donation matters.

Grocery Sponsorship for families:

$20 per person in the family


Provides food security to a family for an entire month.

We promise to not only give staple foods, such as flour and rice, but to add nutritious and healthy foods to each family's grocery supply.

We have a personal connection with the families you will sponsor and we also want you to as well.

As a sponsor, you can expect updates and pictures of the family.

Feeding Center:

Costs for the weekly Feeding Center

$150 feeds 300 children on a weekly basis

$300 will feed the children 2 times a month

$600 will feed the children 4 times a month

Over 300 children are fed each Tuesday and the number grows every week! 


Rice, beans, vegetables and a nutritious drink.

Spaghetti (noodles, meat & sauce) and a nutritious drink

Pasta (sauce, peas, ham or sausage) and a nutritious drink. 


Special Programs: If a donor has a specific request, we will do our best to prepare the requested items. Note: Additional funding may be required depending upon the request.  

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