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Nestor and Robin Flores

Founders & Directors

Nestor spent nine years growing up in orphan care in Guatemala due to poverty. Years later, Nestor met his bride, Robin, at the same children’s home when she was visiting to treat children with kidney failure and assisting with clinical care. Nestor parented many of the young children, along with hosting and helping hundreds of missionaries and tourists. After leaving the children’s home, Nestor helped co-found a business focused on reuniting Guatemalan adoptees and their families with the homeland, and subsequently served as a Project Manager in the Village of Yalu.  Robin also lived in Guatemala, served at a hospital for malnourished children and volunteered at many surrounding ministries. Nestor & Robin's friendship grew as did their hearts for one another and their desire to found their own ministry.  In 2018, Robin & Nestor were engaged, registered their NGO in Guatemala and started operating Sin Limites. Robin & Nestor were married in 2019  and in 2020 Sin Limites was registered as a stateside non-profit. 

Meet Our Leaders


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Head Coach

Board Of Directors

Amber Reynolds

Dylan Scarbrough 


Kitty Archer

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