Sponsor a young adult: $400 monthly 

1. Hygeiene 


3. Transportation

NOTE: Additional cost are not included: 

1. Unsuspected medical attention 

2. Continuing Education

  • Our program is designed to empower and equip at-risk young adults (18-24) into future leaders by teaching and training them to learn how to have a sustainable, self-sufficient future.

  • We advocate for young adults coming out of orphan care or off of the streets. The young adults entering our program have intense difficulty in their home lives and are looking for a second chance.

The majority of young adults in Guatemala have been exposed to violence, drugs, extortions and powerful criminal organizations.

With guidelines and accountability, our program goals are to provide monthly groceries, hygiene products, English courses, counseling and additional training to help our young adults learn about adulthood, and overcome their painful pasts. Our hope is that they will transition out of their old lifestyles by re-learning their identity, understanding the love of Christ, and becoming leaders. We believe our resources will help each young adult understand adulthood and ways to sustain their futures.

Sponsorship Guidelines:

1.We request that sponsors communicate with their child through the ministry.

2.We ask that the ministry be the point of contact for the needs of each young adult in the program.

3.We ask that all funding for the program and for each young adult stay within the ministry.

4.We are always happy to voice and share the specific needs for each young adult.