Education Sponsorship

Backpacks: $20 each

School supplies for student backpacks: $15

Classroom supplies per school: $180

Continuing education sponsorships: $60 monthly

For any child, even the most basic education in reading, writing & arithmetic can open doors to the future that would otherwise be shut.

We provide backpacks, school supplies and classroom supplies for ongoing learning and increased education.

For decades In Guatemala, a lack of attention and funding for education has created a weak and poor educational system. Due to the cycle, Guatemala struggles to offer a quality public education.  Many teachers lack the knowledge and techniques in different subjects which is critical in innovating sustainable school systems and curriculums needed for each grade level.

Parents themselves often struggle to provide academic support at home, as many parents never had the opportunity to go to school themselves, while others only completed elementary school. 

We focus on education as we strongly believe that an educated society will help break the cycle of poverty, empower young adults, develop leaders, raise up entrepreneurs, develop critical thinkers, and implement long standing change in economic and political arenas.